March 25, 2020

9 Things We Are Thankful For

9 Things We’re Thankful for This Year 

2019 has been incredible for Threshold 360 — and with the year coming to a close, we think it’s fitting to reflect on 9 things we’re thankful for. 

1: Wi-Fi hotspots

As a tech company, having a reliable internet connection is paramount. Unfortunately, though, life can bring many challenges — like unexpected power outages or unstable connectivity when on the go. This year, our company focused on being proactive with our solutions — incorporating reliable hotspots in our travels and around the office to keep us going.  

2: Fanny packs

With Creators deployed across the country, fanny packs have proven to be an amazing way to keep our gear consolidated and easy to tote around on-the-go. With funky patterns and assorted designs, our team of Creators are rocking some cool looks, and we’re happy they’re having fun!

3: Local coffee

Whether amongst our remote team members, or in our Tampa headquarters office, we. run. on. coffee. Right now, we’re into local roaster King State Coffee. Each morning, you can usually find team members Ben Griffin or Kait Swanberg grinding some beans in our break room right before everyone arrives. The aroma never gets old!

4: Video conferences

We love using Zoom and Slack to help us to connect with our team members in meaningful ways. Honestly, we think there’s nothing better than getting a little face-to-face time! 

5: GIFs and memes

At Threshold 360, we thrive on laughter. In fact, we think laughter can be some of our best inspiration. That’s why we don’t hold back when it comes to sneaking in a little bit of humor throughout the day. Whether a retro pop culture reference or a company inside joke, we never let a day go by without having a little fun as we work.

6: Custom Threshold emojis

One of our favorite things to do is to use custom emojis. Whether our logo, a spinning rainbow cat emoji, or a dancing banana, we love to keep up the team spirit by bringing a sense of solidarity and delight to our virtual conversations. 

7: Jeremy’s pastries

One of our team members, Jeremy Fairley, is the king of baking. We’re so thankful for his amazing creations. Whether a rich pound cake, cheesecake, or cookies, he always helps us to satisfy our sweet tooth. Check out some of his creations below!

8: Frequent flyer miles

As a team passionate about tourism and travel, we’re thankful for frequent flyer miles and hotel rewards that help us to seize life’s new adventures and to experience new places that bring fresh insights and ideas to our venture. 

9: A chance to serve each other

While 2019 has been full of business highlights and challenges, we are always keen to remember than behind our premiere technology is a workforce of passionate and creative individuals. Each day, we are privileged to work together, learn from one another, laugh together, problem-solve together, and build a brighter future.

And that’s nothing to sneeze at!