March 25, 2020

Communicating the Value of Your 360 Content Through Dashboard Metrics

Jeremy Fairley

"What Have You Done For Me Lately" isn’t just my favorite Janet Jackson Song, it's what you as a DMO have to contend with on a regular basis from your stakeholders; and rightfully so! As a DMO, you are charged with ensuring that visitors come to your destination and frequent restaurants, hotels, shops, theme parks, and so on. There is a lot of pressure on your organization to produce positive economic impact.

Destination marketing organizations utilize many tools to measure economic impact within their destination; whether it be google analytics, social media dashboards, or other travel-specific reporting services. At Threshold 360, we help take your reporting metrics one step further by allowing you to communicate a value proposition to local stakeholders beyond the click and page-view. Not only do we give insights into visitors that "virtually” step inside of your location, but also those who move about and around the many spaces within your location/property.

Here are three ways you can measure and report these insights to your stakeholders through the Threshold 360 platform:

Engaged Views - An engaged view goes a step beyond the standard view or impression by providing insights into the number of people that virtually stepped inside of a location and navigated around the spaces within a property during a specific date range. This information is valuable and goes beyond the traditional understanding of static imagery.

Completed Views - Completed views allow you to see which users went through and visited every space within a properties 360 experience. This metric is especially valuable for hotels and meetings spaces that want insights into the viewership of the multiple spaces they offer for both meeting and event planners alike.

Video Time – 360 experiences are typically the most engaged areas within a destination or hotel website for our customers. By tracking and calculating the amount of user engagement while investigating a stakeholders 360 experiences, a destination is able to showcase measurable impact that is driven through their destination website.

As previously mentioned, each of the above metrics simply go beyond clicks and provide a wealth of information into the level of interest a user has taken in terms of a qualified lead! Be sure to add this to your monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting to generate a conversation around the level of potential visitation your website audience will take.

Here are just a few more ideas as to where this is valuable:

  • Benefits Summary Tab (Simpleview CRM)
  • Additional Metric to Support: website views, clicks, and downloads
  • Board Reports
  • Monthly Metric Reports
  • Partnership/Membership Reports
  • Or Create a Set of New Reports Entitled "Monthly Visitor Engagement Reports"

The possibilities are endless and we hope to see you showcasing the value of the Threshold 360 platform and ROI to your stakeholders!