March 27, 2020

Freelancer Resources

Threshold 360 is the leading virtual tour platform that enables our partners to easily add virtual tours to their websites and share via social media. We're on a mission to allow anyone to virtually step inside any public space on earth.

Who we are and why we care

Our products are built on the content captured by the freelance community. Since the beginning of Threshold 360’s vision, we've enlisted creatives to contribute to our ever-growing database of Threshold Virtual Tours™ across the globe. As many of us in the Field Operations Department work closely with our contracted freelancers, we're continually reminded of the value that these creatives bring to our company which is why we strive to support them every day.

Amid this uncertain time for contract workers, we're working to develop projects to support our distributed community of Creators as well as the freelance community at large. We eagerly look forward to creatives mobilizing, content flowing, and everyone thriving.
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We don't have opportunities for everyone right now, so we've gathered up some potentially helpful resources. Many creative gigs are unpredictable right now or have been postponed, but new opportunities are quickly emerging. Now's the time to tap into that entrepreneurial spirit that started us down the freelance path. We hope that some of these marketplaces, links, articles, and inspiration can help.

Emergency Funds

The Creator Fund (*this is nonaffiliated with Threshold 360 or our Creators)
The Safety Net Fund (*for San Francisco Bay Area residents)

Marketplaces and Agencies 

Amid the decline of in-person projects, business models are adapting and remote work is emerging. Here are some of the marketplaces and agencies where you might find those opportunities:

People Per Hour


As a freelancer, you’re already tenacious when it comes to finding clients and producing quality work. But if you have any shelved business or passion projects that need help getting off the ground, take a look at these alternative funding sources:

Kickstarter is a well-known platform for creatives to request financial support for an idea or project that they'd like to bring to life. For some, now is the time to reach out to family, friends and fans, to create that photo book idea you’ve been sitting on for far too long.

Indiegogo is another platform used for raising funds and awareness for projects.

Pozible does not require you to have a creative goal necessarily, but instead, they promote community service and the environment.

Teachable is a platform to translate your skills into an online class like photography, photoshop class, fine art, you name it.

Podia provides everything you need to sell online courses, downloads, and memberships without worrying about the tech.

Teachery prides itself on being a simple platform to create courses within a matter of minutes.

Health & Wellness

Normally, we're a hybrid organization, with folks both remote and at our HQ office in Florida. Now, we're fully remote - so we're at home, just like you. We've been checking in on each other daily to make sure we're all firing on all cylinders. Since gyms are closed, some of us have been on Youtube more, which has a myriad of content to help you exercise at home. Insight Timer Meditation App is a staff favorite for guided meditation and our yogis recommend DoYogaWithMe. We're cooking with our loved ones more and taking more walks around the block.

Do you know of any other helpful resources, marketplaces, or emergency funds? Contact Field Operations.

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 
                                  - Maya Angelou (Bell Telephone Magazine, 1982)