April 7, 2020

How Can Threshold Virtual Tours Work For Me?

Steven Cook

At Threshold 360, we are on a mission to allow anyone to virtually step inside of any location on earth. Why? Because virtual tours are the most effective piece of media in helping people choose where to travel. A recent study conducted by Google found that adding a Threshold Virtual Tour to the search listing for a hotel or restaurant doubles the likelihood the searcher will visit that location offline. Our own data backs this up: Since adding Threshold’s Virtual Tours to hotel, restaurant, and attraction listings, we have seen a 96% increase in clicks to get directions to those locations, up to a 65% increase in conversions to book, and up to a 291% increase in RFP submissions from meeting planners.

There are thousands of 360° content creators today, but there’s only one creating 360° virtual tours at a truly global scale: Threshold 360. Since our founding, we have created Threshold Virtual Tours at nearly 150,000 points-of-interest—more than 20,000 of which are right here in our home state of Florida. The other 100,000+ have been created in more than 100 destinations and 19 countries. Across the globe, our content is being viewed more than 2,000,000 times by leisure travelers and meeting planners every single day. Those numbers make us the indisputable global leader in interior 360° imagery.

But we don’t just create great virtual tours. We are also constantly developing great tools to make it as easy as possible for DMOs and hotels to share our Threshold Virtual Tours with leisure travelers and meeting planners. As you will see, the Threshold Platform creates tremendous value for both DMOs and hotels.


Threshold Viewer

A small percentage of destination partners (especially hotels) have been investing in virtual tours for years. But most of the tools for viewing this content are far too difficult for busy meeting planners or prospective guests to use. Our proprietary Threshold Viewer is different. Unlike most 360° tools which are either video or photos, Thresholds are both, making it the most engaging 360° viewer on the market. Through our powerful API, destination marketing organizations can get the Threshold Viewer on an unlimited number of partner listing pages (example) in just 1-2 hours. Hotels can also easily embed the viewer on any page on their digital properties (example).

Impact for Destinations
Over a 90 day period, visitors to miamiandbeaches.com have spent 867 hours engaging with the Threshold Virtual Tour.

Since adding the Threshold Viewer to partner listing pages, Experience Kissimmee has seen a 66% increase in page views per session, a 61% increase in time-on-site, and a 291% increase in RFP submissions

Impact for Hotels

After embedding the Threshold Viewer on hotel webpages, our customers are seeing a 16% lift in clicks to “book now” and a 24% increase in searches for availability

53% of prospective guests are clicking to engage with Threshold experiences on hotel websites, while 30% of them are watching 100% of the “autoplay” Threshold experience (typically 90 seconds in length)

Threshold Maps

The Threshold Map builder makes it incredibly easy for sales and marketing teams at DMOs and hotels to hand-pick Threshold Virtual Tours of hotels, restaurants, and attractions, and display them on a map that ties the destination together for meeting planners, event attendees, or leisure travelers. DMOs and hotels are embedding Threshold Maps on their websites in order to generate leads (example), sell attractions (example), and drive hotel bookings (example). But the most common way to share Threshold Maps is by sending a Threshold-hosted link directly to meeting planners via email or Cvent. Here’s an example of how VisitDallas uses this tool to close deals, as well as how the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay uses the tool to generate leads.

Threshold 360 Map
Custom Daytona FL Conference Map

Impact for Destinations
27% of VisitDallas’ meeting planner clients are clicking to engage with Threshold Virtual Tours in Threshold Maps, while 29% of them are watching 100% of the “autoplay” Threshold experience.

Visit Salt Lake’s Threshold Map has increased time-on-site amongst meeting planners by 75%.

Impact for Hotels
29% of meeting planners that Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay shares Threshold Maps with are clicking to engage with Threshold experiences.

Google Upload

The first place many leisure travelers and meeting planners experience a destination or hotel is on Google. According to the search giant, adding interior 360° experiences to a search result doubles the chances someone will visit a hotel or restaurant offline, so you want to be sure you have this rich media uploaded for as many partners as possible. With our Google Upload service, we will publish your Threshold Virtual Tours to Google for every hotel that signs-up within your destination. On each of these images, your destination will receive the valuable brand attribution (example), allowing you to take credit for driving millions of views for your partners every single day.

Google Branded Upload

Impact for Destinations
Over a 30 day period, the Threshold Virtual Tours we’ve uploaded on behalf of the Miami CVB have been viewed 3.6 million times

Impact for Hotels
Over a 7 day period, the Threshold Virtual Tours s we’ve uploaded on behalf of Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay have been viewed 53,972 times

Over a 30 day period, the Threshold Virtual Tours we’ve uploaded on behalf of the Epicurean hotel in Tampa have been viewed 75,635 times

Video Export
Finally, every single piece of content in our database is shareable on social media. Within your Threshold 360 Dashboard, you will have the ability to export the non-interactive versions of every Threshold experience as an MP4 file, shareable on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever else you share video content today. This means that, in addition to gaining access to amazing content for your website, maps, and Google, you will also be acquiring compelling pieces of video content for thousands of hotels, restaurants, and attractions across within your destination.