March 25, 2020

Inspire last minute travel with eye-catching 360° content

Alexis Brown

With the end of summer drawing near, travelers across the country are gearing up for last-minute, spontaneous travel.

Attracted to the buzz of late-summer music festivals, unbeatable hotel deals, and trendy sights and sounds, summer road-trippers will join the more than 100 million American leisure travelers slated to hit the pavement this year — potentially spending valuable dollars at your destination.  

However, with so many ads, social media campaigns, and deals available to consumers,  it may seem difficult to set yourself apart from your peers. Fret not!

Here are 3 ways that you can use Threshold 360 content to stand above the crowd.

Embed an eye-catching, 360° experience on your website’s homepage to authentically tell your story

It’s no surprise that a great story makes an impact. Engaging our imaginations and even transporting us to new worlds, stories evoke wonder.

Over the years, we’ve developed an incredible way of telling your location’s story: using 360° experiences. With our experiences, travelers can digitally navigate through your space — clicking or dragging back and forth to gain a unique perspective about its features and surroundings. 

By placing an embedded 360° experience on your homepage, your guests will gain the opportunity to imagine themselves at your destination beyond stock photos and written reviews.  

Plus, the evidence is clear: 360° experiences drive conversions. After implementing 360° content on their websites, one of our customers reported a 16% lift in clicks to “book now” and a 24% increase in searches for availability.

Include a 360° experience as part of your organization’s social media campaign

In addition to being embeddable, our 360° experiences can also be downloaded and integrated with your other social media content as MP4 video files.

Quickly curate a social media feed that is dynamic and engaging using Threshold 360 content. Plus, our autoplay feature guides potential travelers through a destination at a natural pace — highlighting key areas of a space.

With 120,000+ 360° experiences in our digital library, choose from a variety of downloadable 360° experiences that you can upload to your social media platforms.

Create an engaging collection map that complements last-minute summer events — like festivals or concerts

As an extension of our 360° experiences, collection maps enable users to view a map of 360° virtual experiences curated around a certain interest.

For example, leisure travelers interested in attending trendy festivals or experiencing breathtaking views may value a map of spots surrounding a performing venue or hotels near a mountain resort. 

Within our maps are other helpful features — such as a subtitle feature that can house helpful travel tips and a user-friendly toggle that adjusts travel by driving or walking duration.