April 7, 2020

New Features Announcement

Daniel Kraus

We’re excited to today announce the release of a powerful set of new features in the Threshold Platform. Keying off requests from our customers and partners, with this release we’re delivering a suite of tools that provides increased visibility and insight – both across the content you’ve licensed from us, and also the Threshold library as a whole.

Using these features, you’ll be able to:

- Get a birds-eye view of both your licensed content and the entire Threshold library

- Garner a better understanding of metrics for each location in your portfolio

- Customize Map Subtitles, making it easy to build maps that suit specific events or budgets.

No action is needed on your side to access these – they’ll automatically show up in the Threshold Dashboard - and online tutorials are already available in the HelpCenter. Also, there’s no extra charge – we’re incorporating these for free across all levels of Product (Standard, Premium, and Pro).

Here’s a brief description of the new features:

Introducing the Discover Tab – Get a birds-eye view of your content.

The first thing you’ll notice logging into the Threshold platform is the new Discover Tab.  which provides you with a birds-eye map view of your content, as well as all the 360° experiences available within our library – spanning your neighborhood, your region, and the globe. The locations you’ve licensed are highlighted with a special icon (a gray star)– so it’s easy to see the locations you can embed and share. The tab also features a Search field, as well as a filter, to make it easy to narrow down searches and see exactly what you want.

Of course, as before it’s easy to create and share your own custom maps in the Maps tab – which makes it simple for you to locate, navigate and share your region’s most exciting locations and attractions.

The Updated Locations Tab – More Visual, with more Insights!

We’ve introduced a new interface to the Locations Tab – rather than only a list view, you can now see all your locations (or, your Hotel) as individual image “cards”, which also include an indicator of the total views for each location. This makes it easy to preview 360° experiences without clicking on each location – especially important for our customers who have hundreds or thousands of locations. To this point, we’ve also included a new “Category Filter”, which makes it even easier to find the location you’re seeking.

Additionally, the new “infinite scrolling” feature means that you can avoid paging back and forth between locations – you can just keep scrolling through your entire list!

Location Level Analytics – zoom into the details of each location.

You asked, and we delivered! As part of each individual location view (under the “Locations” tab), DMO’s can now explore all the analytics for each specific location. Similarly, companies managing several hotels can easily explore the details for each hotel. As before, in all cases,  the Analytics tab provides an aggregated view of all metrics from all locations.

Map Location Subtitles  – customize individual POI descriptions

In addition to selecting the category for each individual location on a Collection Map, you can now also now add a custom subtitle. This makes it easy to add location-level details for a special event, display a particular room rate for a meeting or convention, or add any other comments you’d like about a specific location.

We hope that you find these new additions helpful, and of course, welcome any thoughts or feedback on our products. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

To see a short demo of the Threshold 360 Platform watch the video below