April 7, 2020

This is Threshold 360

Rena Fogliano

In 2015, a problem presented itself. When looking for a new location for his restaurant, our lead investor became intrigued as to why, in a world that already had outdoor imagery tools such as Google Street View, indoor imagery was severely lacking. With proof that outdoor 360° imagery was a powerful tool to convey the atmosphere of an area without ever leaving home, the solution seemed clear.

Thus, Threshold 360 was born. Armed with a vision to allow anyone to step inside anywhere on earth, we set out to create a model to accomplish our mission. With millions of destinations in the world, and a mission of helping people choose which thresholds to cross offline, and therefore establish a better connection with the world and others, it was quickly realized that the only way for us to reach our target was to develop a process and tool that would allow us to capture a large volume of locations at scale. What followed was several years of research and development to create a platform that allows us to capture, store, and share rich 360° experiences. At this point, we now had to face the equally hard problem of how to actually capture the imagery at scale.

It wasn’t going to happen itself, and since we were years away from robots capturing it, we deployed photographers -- who we call Creators -- all over the world. Creators were a mix of full time and contract positions; it moved into full-time positions as we worked to perfect the art of 360 experiences. To date, a full-time Threshold 360 creator captured and built the majority of our experiences -- over 150,000 experiences.

Recently, as we grew our customer portfolio and expanded our network throughout the United States, we realized that a handful of full-time Creators would not be enough to fully support our customer’s needs. Our full-time Creators transitioned into management roles within Field Operations. Every full-time position on Field Operations (aside from our Director of Field Operations) is occupied by someone who was a Creator full-time at one time.

The experience of being a Creator gives us a unique connection to the challenges and benefits to what every Creator will face. It gives us an edge in every sector of service to our customers. From training on the technical skills to interacting with customers, we have seen it all, done it all, and learned the best ways to work efficiently.

Creators are the foundation of everything that we do. It’s how we build our product. We carry this training and foundation to every full-time staff member hired; each one of them, from the CEO to the Account Manager, captured and created content. It’s one of the many values that make us unique.

There is a lot of chatter surrounding company culture and whether or not it’s important. Here at Threshold 360, we do have values that we consider to be the framework of what helps us be successful and things to keep each and every one of us productive, happy, and grounded. Not to mention, they keep us focused on our vision and goals. When we say that Creators are the foundation of everything that we do -- we really mean that. One of the values of the company is that we’re all creators, we’re all visionaries, and we’re out to make the world a better place with what we create.

In true startup fashion, we recognize that we’re the little guys. Part of what makes this work is that we keep to the value that we’re all humble, hungry, and scrappy. Startups are scrappy, we’re a startup. It seems a little obvious, but by staying scrappy we have longevity to continually push for progress and make big moves. Despite the great moves we have made, the excellent progress, we all understand that challenges can come too, and by staying humble we can better navigate them. Hungry for learning, progress, and development - whether that be professional or personal -- Threshold 360 supports their staff by continually evolving and becoming better.

The support that Threshold 360 gives its employees sets up the next value that we have: we strive to be excellent at home and at work. Our culture constantly incorporates respect and reflection on both a self and team-wide basis. We work best when we trust each other and that’s built on communication and respect that everyone holds themselves to the standard necessary to carry out the massive vision that this company has.

Our collective experience, and the values that we hold close, have paved the way for Threshold 360 to succeed and contributed directly to the successes made by our team. We’re not ones to brag, but when you partner with and work for Threshold 360 and you prescribe to our massive vision there is endless possibility for success.