April 7, 2020

Threshold 360 Announces New Online Trial Plus Additional Features

We’re excited to announce a new and incredible way for you to experience the Threshold 360 platform with the release of our FREE trial. Starting today anyone can explore the Threshold 360 platform, its tools and its capabilities. With this release, you can brows our entire 60° library as well as get a first-hand view of how 360° experiences can add value to your destination, hotel, resort or venue.

Threshold 360 Platform
Threshold Maps allow you to explore our library of 360° experiences

Threshold 360 has added additional features including:

Free Trial - Signup for a Threshold Platform account and access demo content for a range of different location types.

Custom Locations - Create, save and share custom locations within your Collection Maps. Upload any image to enrich a custom location.

Location Editing - Customize your locations for presentations, events, and proposals. Enable users to update or change names, addresses, phone numbers, and website details.

Here’s a brief description of the new features:


Introducing Free Trials – Take a test drive of the Threshold 360 Platform

The Threshold Platform provides access to the world's largest library of licensable 360° experiences, now with over 150K locations in 19 countries. With the addition of our free trial, now you can explore the Threshold 360 platform to see how it can be used to improve your destination, hotel, or venue website experience.

Custom Locations – More control, more customization

This new feature allows you to add custom locations to your Dashboard, creating new locations, saving them, and sharing them as part of a Collection Map. You can also upload a custom thumbnail and imagery to enrich a location. 

Location Editing -  Control the details of any location

Now you can directly edit specific locations as well as their related information, providing you with the ability to customize maps for specific presentations, events, and proposals.

Get started with your free trial today.