March 25, 2020

Threshold 360: Google 360 Upload Option

The Google 360 Upload Option enables Threshold Virtual Tours to be directly associated with a Location’s Google Business listing and published to Google Maps – as well as all other Google Products that make use of this imagery. 

A standard business listing, directly available through Google search, is reflected in this example.

Google Business Listing

Standard business listings provide a gateway to the Google Maps product, through which all the listing imagery and information is available: 

Threshold Map

How does the Upload Option work?

Once a Threshold capture is complete and available through the Threshold Platform, users may choose to activate the Upload feature in the Settings dialog. Activating this option will automatically deploy all Location content directly to the relative business listings on Google.

Google Upload

All uploaded imagery is privacy-protected, just as on the Threshold platform. 

Threshold content is displayed in the Google Business Listing image section in the 360 View and All image categories. Note that additional 360 content uploaded by visitors may be present in other categories.

Once imagery has been uploaded to the Google business listing, users can explore a 360 image by clicking and dragging with a mouse, just as on the Threshold Platform. Google 360 imagery also allows basic movement between images - the appearance of a two-tone grey chevron (see image below) indicates the ability to click on the image and change position around the space, moving between the various images uploaded by Threshold360.

Google 360

What are the types of Google Uploads? 

The Threshold platform offers two different Options for uploading. The first of these, the Standard Upload, indicates Threshold360 as the publisher of the imagery. Published 360 imagery on Google displays an identifier similar to the below, in the upper left-hand corner of the image:

The second option, Branded Upload, actually publishes the imagery directly through the customer’s Google account – and displays the customer logo and name as the source of the imagery, as in the example below:

Please note that since Threshold360 Virtual Tours are uploaded directly to Google servers, they won’t replace any existing imagery that may have been uploaded for a Location, either by a Location owner, a Marketing organization, or various visitors. Any future Threshold “recaptures” of Location will automatically update the connected Google business listings as well.