March 25, 2020

Threshold 360 Tips & Tricks: Creating Calls to Action in Your Maps

Jeremy Fairley

Welcome to the first edition of our "Tips & Tricks" series! In these regular installments, you will be walked through just a few of the many applications of the Threshold 360 Customer Portal and how you and your organization can leverage the platform to its fullest extent.

This week, we focus on maps! Threshold 360’s powerful, customizable 3D map enables you to create and share an unlimited number of maps that include 360° experiences of points of interest surrounding your location. The Threshold 360 map experience is designed to be comprehensive in terms of its ability to showcase your destination, but also easy to use for you and your staff.

So in talking about calls to action, the Threshold 360 platform allows you the opportunity to go beyond simply showcasing the geographic and visual elements of your destination, to the extent that you can create calls to action that guide a user down a topic-specific path. The examples below show how our partners are using Threshold maps to deliver event or topic-specific content across their websites, emails, and social media channels!

#1: Louisiana's Cajun Bayou is using a call to action to request a visitors guide on their map.

#2: Tampa added a call to action to purchase tickets to the Women's Final Four Basketball tournament.

#3: Louisiana's Cajun Bayou also included a call to action for visitors to learn more information about a specific property listed.