April 7, 2020

Use Threshold Virtual Tours To Publicize Your Destinations Family Fun Events This Fall

With the fall season in full-swing, the time has never been better for travelers to your destination to bond with family and friends over festive activities. Rather than listing out a long itinerary; searching for outdated, static stock photos; or having to write out extensive copy, consider sharing a Threshold 360 collection map of your destination’s best attractions.


Collection maps are interactive virtual maps that allow attendees to preview virtual tours of locations around them. The maps have several features that your attendees may be able to use.


Threshold 360 collection map
Collection maps are a great way to help visitors navigate

One feature is a toggle setting for walking vs. driving distance between locations on the map. Say your attendees are using the map to navigate an upcoming festival. Attendees can easily map out a plan for which locations they’d like to visit, and know how long it’ll take to get there — whether they are pushing a stroller or driving a car.


Recently,  Visit Jacksonville implemented a collection map for their month-long Kids Free November event. The event, a collaboration between Visit Jacksonville and other organizations around the city, provides free admission for children and families to a variety of venues. The city used a Threshold 360 collection map in order to help parents plan a trip for their families. High quality 360°content combined with customer features made it simple for attendees to map out an experience.


Another great feature of Threshold 360 collection maps is the custom subtitle feature.The subtitle feature allows organizations to provide custom guidance to attendees with branded commentary. Want to give directions about a spot, suggest a visitation order, or even share a favorite item on the menu? Don’t forget or lose the opportunity to use our collection maps subtitle feature.