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Changing the way the world discovers


We are redefining the way people explore locations, by allowing them to virtually adventure inside, and decide which thresholds to cross in person.


Enable anyone to virtually step inside any location in the world.

About Us

Threshold 360 was born from the idea that there’s a better way than static images to explore locations online, and to decide which thresholds to cross in real life. Threshold has developed a ground-breaking virtual tour technology to visualize locations in a new way - delivering a unique powerful experience for online visitors, and providing a highly accurate, visual recommendation. 

As Threshold has grown, this idea has become much more, evolving into an opportunity to really tell the story of each location, and inspiring millions people around the world to discover locations both virtually and in person.

Today the Threshold Platform has grown to become one of the leading virtual tour solutions in the world. The Threshold library includes more than 100,000 locations, has had over 1 billion views, and is growing every day.

Leadership Team

Co-Owner John Doe

Daniel Kraus


Co-Owner Jane Doe

Jordan Raynor

Executive Chairman

Co-Owner John Doe

Sean Kovacs

Director of Engineering

Co-Owner John Doe

Will Barrett 

Director of Field Operations

Co-Owner John Doe

Seth Lawson

Director of Sales

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Kaitlyn Swanberg 

Head of Business Operations

Co-Owner John Doe

Jaci Wandell

Content Production Manager

Co-Owner John Doe

Rena Fogliano

Field Manager

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 We are a team of creative, purpose-driven and excellence-seeking individuals who are working together to realize our audacious vision. We strive to make location discovery accessible to everyone, share the story of locations around the world, and inspire people through what we make.

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