Virtual Tours for COVID 19 Response

Overcoming limitations

Virtual tours are increasingly being requested by meeting and event planners, as well as leisure travelers and business owners across the country. The reason? Static, two-dimensional images of hotel rooms, meeting spaces, and dining areas simply don’t provide the comfort and confidence people need to make buying decisions. Furthermore, virtual tours are helping to overcome the commercial limitations in the current landscape by keeping places top of mind and allowing people to plan for the future.

Restore Confidence

Virtual tours allow prospective travelers to be more spatially aware online– putting themselves, their families, and their events into spaces they’re considering - and helping their decision making.

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Visualize Safety

Tours empower sales and marketing teams to illustrate steps taken by local businesses, and support social distancing - showing actions like reimagined check-in spaces and socially distanced layouts/seating.

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Communicate Better

Tours can easily be deployed across many different marketing channels – keeping places top of mind and strongly supporting campaigns that highlight the benefits of visiting a destination or location.

Customer Examples

Discover how other organizations are using virtual tours and the Threshold Platform to support their COVID 19 response, and renewed marketing and sales strategies.

Marketing Staycations

The Avalon Hotel is utilizing Threshold Virtual Tours as part of their reopening plan, marketing to in-city and in-state residents to promote "Staycations."

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Showcasing the Outdoors

Gulf County Tourist Commission tailored their partnership with Threshold 360 to showcase their destination's top outdoor locations.

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Please let us know how we can support your organization in utilizing virtual tours for your COVID-19 response.