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We create content that inspires people to travel

We're growing our national network of 360° photographers.

We're on a mission to allow anyone to virtually step inside of any hotel, restaurant, and attraction on earth. And while everywhere is a lot of places, we are off to an incredible start, with nearly 150,000 locations in our library across 19 countries and more than 100 cities.

The best fit for our projects are high energy go getters who are comfortable talking to anyone.

We're looking for people who share our culture and goals. They are able to commit to at least 20 hours during the normal work week, but otherwise the only schedule constraints are daylight and operating hours. The are passionate about travel and tourism, and have a professional demeanor. A background in photography will make our process easier for you to jump in, but don't worry, we have a team of full-time experts here to train you.
how we capture
Projects are typically composed of about 120 locations, which we put into two classifications. The first is what we call handheld where we hold the camera above our head rather than use a tripod. These locations include restaurants, retail, and parks which make up the majority of the locations.

The second is captured by scheduling locations. These typically include hotels and venues. These locations tend to be less flexible so we do require someone to have about 20 hours during normal business hours for these locations. Typically 20% of the locations need to be scheduled. We have a full time team that handles scheduling locations and creator support in the field, as well as training both the technical aspects and on site interactions.
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Values we look for

Called to create:

There is a certain amount of buy-in to our vision. It serves us best when each new hire is enthusiastic and interested in who we are and what we’re doing. These are the people who “just get it”. They understand what we’re doing and why. They also understand that what we’re doing is inevitable. They’re people who will go above and beyond the call of duty and participate in other areas such as help with marketing content, or write a blog.

Humble, hungry, and scrappy:

This is a grind. There is a lot of customer interaction and traveling. Truthfully, this is a lot less of photography and a lot more of a logistics and customer service game. You have to want it, you have to maintain a positive mentality for each new place of business, resolve possible conflict, and maintain a positive energy so that each place of business is represented with the best of who we are and by extension the client as well.

Perfect and done:

The need to improvise on site is imperative. From looking around to curate the best experience, to working with management who want things just so, they need to balance the line. They also have to let go of any small problems and focus on getting the imagery. Not every place is going to be perfect, not every pano is going to be perfect. However, some locations require perfection and they need to understand the difference and balance the tension between perfect and done.

Entrepreneurial minds:

We work best with freelancers who are looking to “fill the gap”. Freelancers have the hustle built in, they own their own business, and are well versed and managing their time and talk to clients on a daily basis some times. Freelancers generally understand the game we’re playing as opposed to hobbyists. We like hands on people, but we’ve worked with a few small agencies. We’ve found that smaller agencies that are run by one person will likely we able to cater to our needs and our processes.