Threshold for Education

Threshold Virtual Tours™ provide an ideal way for potential student and parents to discover an educational institution– understanding the layout, and getting a clear feeling for the campus and facilities. Whether a large-scale campus, or a small private institution, virtual tours help students understand what your school is really like – and want to discover more. 

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Discover Threshold Virtual Tours for your university or institution

Enable campus exploration

Help potential students and parents discover you online, including academic buildings, campus layout and key facilities.

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Customizable experiences

Deliver customized experiences for sports teams, clubs, and other educational groups as part of marketing materials, and across social media.

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Deliver calls to action

Embed calls to action that help directly drive school information gathering, and encourage further engagement and on-site visits

Explore the Platform

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about Threshold for Locations

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"Adding Threshold Virtual Tours to our website has been a tremendous asset in driving digital reach. We’re driving hours of video views, 38% of which are consumer interactions with the 360 content. This service has also been a great asset to our partners."

Jamie Claudio, VP Marketing & Sales

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"Threshold 360 provides an incredible service. Threshold Collection Maps have proven to be extremely valuable to our sales team when working with meeting and event planners. The Threshold 360 team has been great to work with."

Kimberly Bollinger, Sr. Sales Manager

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay

"The decision to partner with Threshold 360 was a no brainer. For the amount of money we would typically spend on a single photo shoot, Threshold 360 was able to deliver 360° interactive videos for hundreds of locations in our destination."

Jason Holic, VP of Digital Marketing

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