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The Threshold Platform provides a wealth of different tools for meeting planners seeking to preview and truly understand locations before making an on-site visit or meeting commitment.

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“In the past, my destination searches often entailed several flights and multiple days of travel. Now with the use of Threshold Maps, my site inspections are conducted from the comfort of my own desk."
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Michele Craig
Senior Director
Threshold Map

Threshold Map

The Threshold Map provides immersive virtual tours of hundreds of thousands of locations and venues, making it easy to get a true sense of what each location is really like. The Map also makes it easy to share and include virtual tour map links into for presentations, proposals, and demos.

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Hundreds of DMOs, CVBs, hotels, and other organizations across North America currently use the Threshold Platform for improving visibility of their destination or location, and increasing visitor engagement. The list of Threshold customers is growing quickly. If you’d like to recommend Threshold 360 to a specific DMO, Hotel, or other organization, please let us know at 

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