Threshold For Short-Term Rentals

The Threshold Platform provides the best possible interactive view of your short-term rental space – helping potential visitors to explore the parts that really matter, appreciate the quality, understand the environment, and imagine themselves spending time there. Virtual tours make it easy to feature things that help your property to stand out – like that view from the room, or the beautiful beach view, waking up in the morning.  

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Provide powerful, interactive tours across all channels

Deliver virtual tours and neighborhood maps that show properties quickly and effectively, highlighting the unique aspects of each home, and help drive online bookings across all channels – social media platforms, email, blogs, and more.

Deliver a unique, immersive perspective

Help potential customers understand the way your rental home really feels, get a clear view of the property detail and highlights, and imagine themselves in it. 

Customize tours with Calls to Action

Use Threshold Virtual Tours and Collection Maps to tell the story of your Short-Term Rental property, and share both the experience – and the booking link - via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

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