Activation Services

Threshold Activation Services provide customers with a wide variety of content creation, placement, and analytics options for deriving maximum benefit from the Threshold Platform. Available to all Threshold Customers, Activation Services are designed to complement work affected by Agencies and Integrators, providing a wealth of location content and insights to help optimize implementation and usage.

  • Launch Activation Services. Recommended for all customers, Launch Activation Services provides a 3-month “up-and-running” suite of services – including Audits of customers’ websites for recommended virtual tour and map placement, map and sharepage creation, and monthly analytics reporting.
  • 365 Activation Services. Building on the Launch Activation Services foundation, 365 Activation extends insights to deeper content-level engagement and conversion, and ensures ongoing training for new product extensions and features. In addition to CMS Content placement, and Partner Reporting.

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Launch Activation (3 Months)

Complete suite of startup services, including website assistance, Platform Content creation, and analytics, designed to help new customers immediately begin leveraging the Threshold Platform.

Services Include:

365 Activation (12 Months)

Builds on launch activation to incorporate ongoing platform and update training, CMS integration, as well as ongoing Platform content creation and Partner reporting.

Services Include:

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