Threshold 360 leads the industry in scalable, high-quality virtual tour capture. To date, our Field Operations team has captured Threshold Virtual Tours™ at more than 125,000 locations around the world, in more than 100 cities.

Over the past 5 years, Threshold 360 and our Field Operations team has pioneered a set of techniques that allow us to quickly capture almost any kind of location, from small shops to major, Las Vegas Casinos. We’ve completed projects that range from a single location, with a single tour, through massive coastal markets with over 1800 individual locations.

Our professional 360 photographer partners– who we call Creators – make capture a simple, transparent, and non-invasive process. For most captures, no special preparation is required – and we work closely with your staff to understand the most important elements of your location.

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1. Planning

In each market we capture in, we hire, train and certify a local team on our quality standards and equip them with our technology. We then work with you to plan your location capture. With larger project we typically work with you to clearly communicate time and date options to your selected locations.

2. Capture

Smaller, unscheduled locations take only a few minutes to capture, while larger, scheduled locations take about an hour. As captured imagery flows back to our systems, we create Threshold Virtual Tours for each location. Each set of images passes through a 24-hour, multi-stage process.

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3. Delivery

You immediately gain on-line access to images as they flow out of our processing stage. We generally provide full Platform training at this point - in the context of your own virtual tours. We also provide additional services at your request in order to help you get the most impact from your virtual tours.

Interested in telling your city's story and creating virtual tours?