Publishing & Social Media

The Threshold Platform provides a wide variety of sharing methodologies to help deliver virtual tour and map content across marketing channels. Whether you’re focused on driving conversion from your own website, supporting a partner campaign, or expanding brand recognition using Instagram, Threshold Virtual Tours can be effectively deployed for a maximum of impact. 


Threshold Virtual Tours™ and Collection Maps can be easily embedded directly on your company’s website. Designed to play back automatically, tour implementation stylistics can range from simple embeds to dazzling, screen-filling interactive experiences. 

DMO website implementation


SharePages enable individual or customized groups of virtual tours to be shared via a standalone web link generated in  Threshold Platform. This makes it easy to group and deliver virtual tour experiences to support specific marketing campaigns– or to highlight a specific location opportunity in support of a sales effort.

Google Business Listings

Threshold Virtual Tours can be uploaded to Google, enabling the delivery of interactive virtual tours as part of a customer’s Google Business Listing Pages. Customers can also integrate their own logotype - brand as part of the customer-facing experience. 

Social Platforms

The Threshold Platform supports virtual tour and map distribution on a wide variety of social platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others. Virtual Tours and Maps can be published directly from the Threshold Platform, or individual Share Pages.

Location Kiosks

In addition to online distribution, Threshold Virtual Tours and Collection Maps can be used on a wide array of information kiosks. Threshold content can add significant richness and depth to on-location experiences – helping hotel guests explore the neighborhood around them, providing clear insight to help with choice of a restaurant, or quickly developing a daily tour plan. Thanks to Threshold’s mobile compatibility, kiosks can also offer customized mobile delivery of virtual tours and maps to customer mobile devices. 
For a list of current kiosk partners, please see our partners page

Threshold Map™

The Threshold Map is a destination map platform that provides a powerful distribution method for customer content. Boasting over 100K destinations and more than half a million virtual tours, it is the most extensive virtual tour distribution platform in the industry, and a tremendous source of both visualization and traffic for Threshold customers.

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