Product Overview

The Threshold Platform allows Destinations, Resorts, Venues, and other location-based organizations to easily create and distribute 360° virtual tours to their audience across a wide array of marketing and sales channels.

Threshold Virtual Tour™

Threshold’s interactive virtual tours deeply engage viewers and help tell the story of a location. The detailed, user-controllable 360° experience helps bring the location to life online, and provides the key decision-grade information required by users to make a choice to book or visit.

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Threshold Share Pages

Enabling delivery of customized virtual tours for almost any purpose, Threshold Share Pages allow Platform users to select and deliver groups of virtual tours directly to customers to support specific marketing campaigns, sales efforts, and offers. Share Pages can also include customized CTA's that enable targeted, measurable viewer click-throughs. 

Threshold Collection Maps

The Threshold Platform incorporates customizable Collection Maps, which allows your sales and services teams to easily curate and share virtual tour-enabled maps of neighborhoods. Threshold Collection Maps make it simple to highlight high-value locations and provide a full location context.

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Threshold Publishing

Using Share Pages and Collection Maps, Threshold Virtual Tours can be easily shared across email, and published onto social media – delivering either a link directly to a standalone Share Page, or – in some cases - an interactive virtual tour experience directly on the social media platform. 

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Threshold Analytics

The Threshold Platform incorporates powerful tools that help visualize and measure virtual tour views and engagement across all channels. Threshold Analytics provide easy-to-understand indicators of both content ranking and popularity. Analytics data can be exported into standard formats for inclusion into higher-level marketing reports and charting. 

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