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Threshold 360 will be in your area to capture a Threshold Virtual Tour of your hotel for your listing page and to be published to your Google Business Profile. Please schedule a time with one of our Threshold 360 Creators to capture your property.

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This service is sponsored by your CVB because they know that 360º content doubles the chances an online searcher shows up at your location offline. On average, our customers have experienced a 96% increase in clicks to “get directions” to their business after adding our virtual tours.

What should I expect?

Our process is simple: One of our Creators will meet you at your hotel at your chosen day & time. No major staging is required. Your guests and staff can be present and you can conduct business a usual. A typical capture session takes 1 - 1.5 hours and we use very minimal equipment including a 360° camera no bigger than a smart phone and a tripod.