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We are a team of travelers, innovators, and creative problem solvers determined to make it easier for people to decide where to visit.

Daniel Kraus
Kaitlyn Swanberg
Head of Business Operations
Sean Kovacs
Director of
Chris Ferrante
Chief Sales Officer
Jordan Raynor
Executive Chairman
Rena Fogliano
Recruiting Coordinator
Beau Trapp
Project Manager
Benjamin Griffin
Training Coordinator
Chris Reed
Senior Software Engineer
Jaci Wandell
Content Production Manager
Jeremy Fairley
Head of Customer Success
Lindsay Zeltzer
Creator Support
Lizzie Cuthbertson
Project Manager
Ryan Martin
Field Performance Manager
Seth Lawson
Sales Director
Sarah Brockschmidt
Traveling Creator
Steven Cook
Director of
Will Barrett
Director of
Field Operations
Justin Maisonet
Account Executive
Paul Venzor
Account Manager
Sam Hensley
Account Executive
Zach Pollack
Account Executive
Chief of Employee Care