5 Must-Try Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, is a city rich with history, culture, and an incredible array of culinary experiences. Whether you’re a local foodie or just visiting, these five must-try restaurants offer a taste of the city’s diverse food scene, from upscale dining to casual comfort foods. Here’s a curated list of establishments you shouldn’t miss.

Supper at Hotel Emma

Nestled in the historic Pearl Brewery, Supper at Hotel Emma embodies a farm-to-table philosophy set in an elegant, modern American eatery. The restaurant, led by Chef John Brand, transforms simple ingredients into sophisticated dishes. Overlooking the river it’s a perfect spot for a peaceful dinner with a view. The menu changes seasonally, but look out for their inventive takes on classic dishes.

Address: 136 E Grayson San Antonio, TX 78215

Website: https://www.supperatemma.com/


Schilos Delicatessen

As one of San Antonio’s oldest restaurants, Schilos Delicatessen has been serving up hearty German fare since 1917. This deli is famous for its homemade root beer, split pea soup, and Reuben sandwiches. The historic charm and old-school atmosphere make it a beloved spot among locals and tourists alike. Don’t forget to try their desserts, particularly the German strudels that end any meal on a sweet note.

Address: 424 E. Commerce St., San Antonio, TX 78205

Website: https://schilos.com/



The Fruteria

The Fruteria, crafted by Chef Johnny Hernandez, is inspired by the vibrant fruit stalls of Mexico. This spot offers a colorful and fresh menu, serving breakfast, lunch, and a Botanero-style dinner featuring small plates perfect for sharing. Their cocktails are crafted from fresh fruits and are as visually appealing as they are delicious. The Fruteria is a cheerful venue that promises a lively, flavorful dining experience.

Address: 1401 S. Flores, #102 San Antonio, TX 78204

Website: https://chefjohnnyhernandez.com/the-fruteria/



Rosario’s Comidamex & Bar

Rosario’s Comidamex & Bar is a staple for anyone craving a fusion of traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine. Located in the heart of San Antonio, this restaurant is known for its lively atmosphere and bold flavors. From their award-winning fish tacos to their sizzling fajitas, every dish is a testament to Mexican culinary traditions with a modern twist. The vibrant decor and energetic vibes make it an ideal spot for a fun night out.

  Address: 722 S. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78205

Website: https://rosariossa.com/

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana Downtown

For authentic Neapolitan pizza in San Antonio, Dough Pizzeria Napoletana Downtown is the place to go. Their commitment to authenticity is evident in their use of fresh, high-quality ingredients and the traditional wood-fired oven that cooks each pizza to perfection. The mozzarella is freshly made each day, and the dough is something of a local legend. Try the truffle pizza for a truly indulgent experience.

 Address: 518 S. Alamo St, (intersection of Alamo St./Cesar Chavez) San Antonio, TX 78205

Website: https://www.doughpizzeria.com/


Each restaurant offers a unique slice of San Antonio’s culinary culture, highlighting the city’s rich history and contemporary charm. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or a casual meal with robust flavors, San Antonio’s dining scene has something to offer everyone. Make sure to add these spots to your culinary itinerary for an unforgettable taste of the city!