How It Works

Capturing Virtual Tours is Simple & Fast

Threshold 360 offers 360 degree virtual tour capture services for both individual locations and geographically spread, multi-location operations. To date, Creators have captured Threshold Virtual Tours™ for more than 125,000 locations, in over 100 destinations. The process to schedule, capture, edit, and publish your virtual tours is low effort for you and typically completed in about a week.

Three easy steps:


In each market, we hire, train, and certify a local team of Creators to our quality standards and equip them with our technology. We then work with you to plan your location capture. For larger projects, we work with you to communicate timelines and options and provide an easy-to-use scheduling link and dashboard to manage your project.


Small locations take only a few minutes to capture, while larger locations take about an hour. As imagery flows into our system, we create Threshold Virtual Tours for each location. Each set of images passes through a 24-hour, multistage QA process.


You immediately gain online access to content via your Threshold Dashboard. We generally provide full platform training at this point to you and your team. We also provide additional services at your request in order to help you get the most impact from your virtual tours.