Increase campaign impact by integrating Threshold Virtual Tours™ directly into your display ads.

Proven to consistently boost Click-Thru-Rate by 10x, and reduce average Cost-per-Click by up to 90%

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A new kind of rich media advertising

Simple to create

Create the Ad as usual, including graphics and messaging, and utilize virtual tours as the background layer.

Multi device

Interactive tours quickly transform the ad viewer into an ad user - building a memorable impression.

Effective everywhere

Integrate into multi-channel campaigns, serving your brand and encouraging online bookings.

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How it works

Sourcing Ads
1. Sourcing

Threshold provides you or your agency specific links to virtual tours required for your ad, along with sample layout templates.

2. Design

Your agency or design team creates ads as they normally would, adding graphics, messaging, and CTA's, and using tours for the background. 

Publishing Ads
3. Publishing

The finished AdTour is uploaded to your Ad Platform along with your other campaign ads, and simply rotated in.

AdTours are compliant with IAB HTML5 guidelines

Learn more about AdTours by visiting our Help Center

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