Creator Spotlight: Kimberly Crichlow

Westchester Creator

Professional Photographer

After 9 years of military service and 4 years as a Manager in Orthopedic Manufacturing, Kimberly Crichlow decided to go off on her own and become a self-employed, professional photographer.

It has been 6 years since she made that decision, discovering much about herself along the way. Freelance photography has given her the opportunity to meet new people and find her potential. Today, Kimberly runs her own photography business, and is the Westchester County, NY Creator.

A resident of Westchester County, Kimberly enjoys capturing and communicating the historic locations around her like the African American Heritage Trail. Through these virtual tours she is able to bring awareness and pride to Westchester residents and visitors.

Other Work

Kimberly’s professional services span from event, portrait, interior and photo booth photography. She also enjoys photographing material for her fine art – specifically focusing on landscapes. In her spare time, Kim enjoys playing sports and helping others through volunteering.

Connect with Kimberly


Instagram: kcphotography03

FB: Kim Crichlow Photography

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