Elevating Ann Arbor Weddings: A Virtual Tour Experience with Destination Ann Arbor

Destination Ann Arbor is a Destination Marketing Organization tasked with promoting all that this vibrant university town has to offer. Destination Ann Arbor began working with Threshold 360 in November of 2021. Join Tim Crouson, Director of Research, as he describes his organization’s journey with using virtual tours to promote the different aspects of Ann Arbor.


In the heart of Michigan, Ann Arbor beckons visitors with its vibrant culture, diverse arts scene, and the unmistakable energy of its academic institutions. From the iconic University of Michigan to the thriving culinary landscape and unique venues scattered throughout Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor stands as a magnetic destination for leisure travelers and those seeking the perfect backdrop for their special moments, including weddings.

Jack Roth Stadium Club


At Destination Ann Arbor, our commitment to showcasing the beauty of our city led us to explore innovative solutions to enhance the digital experience for visitors and event planners alike. One such solution that has proven invaluable is Threshold 360, a virtual tour platform that has become an integral part of our marketing strategy, especially in promoting weddings in Ann Arbor.

Alumni and Beyond: What Drives Visitors to Ann Arbor?

Ann Arbor’s allure extends far beyond its academic institutions. With a plethora of full-service hotels, universities, and unique wedding venues, the city embraces a spirit described as fun, vibrant, creative, diverse, and unique. Our community’s walkable neighborhoods, thriving arts, and culinary scenes create an atmosphere that captivates all who visit.

A Digital Revolution: Transforming Our Presence with Virtual Tours

As the digital landscape evolved, so did our approach to showcasing Ann Arbor. The pivotal moment came during the pandemic, underscoring the need for virtual experiences. Threshold 360 emerged as the ideal solution, offering immersive virtual tours that not only enriched our website but also empowered our partners—hotels, meeting spaces, and wedding venues—to leverage this technology for their individual promotions.

Check out the Michigan Union building on UM’s Central Campus

Unveiling Ann Arbor’s Wedding Wonders: Virtual Tours in Action

The magic of Threshold 360 became particularly evident when applied to our unique wedding venues. Venues like Rabbit Hole at Root, The Circ Bar, The Collins off Main, and Zingerman’s Cornman Farms came to life through these virtual tours, providing couples with an authentic preview of their dream wedding locations. The tours have not only graced our website but have become powerful tools for our partners in their sales endeavors, enhancing their Cvent responses and email signatures.

Explore Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

A Map to Happily Ever After: Customized Experiences for Couples

The innovation didn’t stop there. Destination Ann Arbor pioneered the use of custom maps, integrating them seamlessly into our wedding services. These personalized maps, featuring wedding venues and proposed hotels, empower couples to make informed decisions about their accommodations, easing the stress leading up to their big day.

The Future Unveiled: Accessibility and Beyond

Looking ahead, our commitment to accessibility takes center stage. Understanding the challenges faced by travelers with disabilities, we envision enhancing the virtual tour experience by providing specific perspectives and views. As we explore these possibilities, the potential to make Ann Arbor more inclusive and accessible becomes a driving force in our future initiatives.

Unexpected Value: A Community Win

Reflecting on our journey with Threshold 360, the unexpected value it brought to our community stands out. Beyond the initial vision of enhancing our digital presence, the virtual tours became a versatile asset. From event servicing to custom maps and even as table centerpieces, the tours have become a dynamic tool to engage our partners and captivate our visitors.

As Destination Ann Arbor continues to evolve, our partnership with Threshold 360 remains an essential chapter in our story. Together, we weave a narrative that not only showcases the beauty of Ann Arbor but invites everyone to be a part of the magic that makes our city truly exceptional.