Innovative Sales Success: Vinik Sports Group’s Journey with Utilizing Virtual Tours for Private and Event Sales

In a rapidly evolving world where the ability to adapt and innovate is paramount, Vinik Sports Group has embraced Threshold 360 virtual tours as a tool to sell their private suites and event spaces. This immersive technology has not only enabled them to weather the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic but has also elevated their event sales strategy to new heights. In this blog, Samantha Diaz, Vinik Sports Sr. Manager of Event Booking, we’ll delve into how Vinik Sports Group has harnessed the power of virtual tours to transform their sales approach.

Amalie Arena also receives exposure from their partnership with Visit Tampa Bay.

The Virtual Tour Journey:


Adapting to Change: We began exploring the use of virtual tours for sales during the COVID-19 shutdown. In the face of lockdowns and social distancing measures, the need for a remote selling solution became apparent. While we continued to offer site visits, the virtual tour became a supplementary tool to bridge the physical gap. As we began using the virtual tours, we realized that they were a useful tool that could provide value even when social distancing measures were lifted.


From Site Visits to Virtual Tours: Before integrating virtual tours into our sales strategy, we would invite potential clients for site visits and share static imagery of our spaces. While these methods are effective, virtual tours offer the advantage of being accessible to anyone, regardless of their location. It provides a high-level understanding of the spaces while serving as an initial point of contact. Our Threshold 360 tours also allow us to review spaces virtually before or after a site visit as well.


Using Virtual Tours to Engage Clients and Prospective Attendees: The versatility of Threshold 360’s virtual tours is a key strength. We utilize our tours in direct client conversations. When clients have questions about specific spaces or are unsure which area would best suit their event, virtual tours provide a visual answer. Moreover, the tours are on Amalie Arena’s Google Business profile and prominently featured on Visit Tampa Bay’s website, enabling potential clients to explore their event spaces at their own convenience.

Furthermore, we find Threshold 360’s ability to segment specific spaces and share dedicated links for those spaces truly beneficial. Our initial inquiry process involves sending potential clients a PDF with Amalie Arena’s space descriptions and rental rates. When a client expresses interest in a particular space, the virtual tour is shared to provide an in-depth view. For example, a corporate meeting client receives a comprehensive tour that showcases relevant spaces, while a concert promoter interested in different areas is directed to a separate tour. This personalized approach enhances our communication with clients.

Future Integration: We are actively exploring further uses for our virtual tours and properties. Due to the successes we’ve had using our virtual tours at Amalie Arena, we have expanded our partnership to include the Yuengling Center, which we also manage. We are also exploring incorporating our virtual tours on the Amalie Arena and Yuengling Center’s websites to showcase various elements such as food and beverage options and merchandise stands. This will provide an even more comprehensive experience for potential clients and partners.

In a world where the events industry is constantly evolving, the Vinik Sports Group’s adoption of Threshold 360 virtual tours has not only been timely but also transformative. Their ability to adapt and innovate in response to challenging circumstances, combined with the accessibility and personalization of virtual tours, has enhanced their sales strategy. As they continue to explore new ways to integrate virtual tours into their approach, it’s clear that Vinik Sports Group is committed to staying at the forefront of event sales in the digital age.