Venturing Outdoors: Location of the Week – KOA Nashville

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In April of this year we captured our first Kampgrounds of America property in Nashville, TN. This would be the first of many KOA properties throughout the summer and fall of 2023 that our Creators would get a chance to visit and photograph. Because of the uniqueness of a new location type, and the specific needs of KOA, we sent our very own Project Manager, Peri Gildersleeve, who dusted off her 360° camera and hit the road for Nashville. Peri was a Creator with Threshold 360 (contracted photographer), who has moved into various full-time positions with the Threshold Field Operations Team – the team that carefully manages the hundreds of multi-faceted capture projects that we service for our customers on an annual basis. Let’s revisit the capture experience and hear from Peri herself on what it was like:

1. What was the most interesting space that you captured at the campground?

The Pillow Jump! The idea of capturing this was challenging since it bounces when you step on it. I still went for it and captured it on top (hiding myself under the camera and tripod), always taking risks when there are opportunities.


2. What was the biggest challenge of the capture experience for you?

No challenges! I had a great time capturing and I stayed on the property in a beautiful cabin!

3. How long did the capture session take?

This capture, which as you can see covered an extensive property, only took me roughly 2 hours in total.

4. What about this KOA location stuck out to you compared to other properties you’ve captured?

KOA locations are unique. Everyone who works there is passionate about what they do and what they represent. They take great care of their grounds and their guests. There are golf carts all over the property to get you from point A to point B, which makes it super easy to navigate from each of the locations. From basketball courts to the pool, a gym, larger-than-life games, you name it, they got it! Overall, it’s just a fun location to capture.

What I learned in this process was that KOA isn’t just camping sites – they had several types of cabins and vacation rental properties in addition to RV and tent sites.  Also, many of the properties have all kinds of options for group and family events – think corporate outings, weddings, and other types of group events.  The Threshold 360 Tours are a great way to show all of the various options that are available that may not be well known to the meeting planner audience.


5. How was your experience working with the KOA team on-site?

I’ll repeat the above: they are incredibly passionate and caring. They accommodated my stay so I could get a feel for what it’s like to be a guest there, which helped me capture their property in a thoughtful manner. Amazing team!

6. Is there anything else that you would like to share about the experience?

This was the first of the KOA locations we captured, and I am happy to have had the opportunity to be on the forefront of this project and work closely with the KOA team. This capture helped create a template for our other Creators around the country to reference.

Now that we have several KOA locations captured, it is great to see them prominently displayed on their website and being used in promotional campaigns already!

Explore the virtual tour for yourself!


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