Ask Me Anything Webinar:

Maximize Your Destination Marketing ROI

Rewatch our live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Patrick Harrison, the Chief Marketing Officer at Visit Tampa Bay.

Patrick is an expert in strategies that drive successful destination marketing campaigns and innovative approaches to promoting destinations. This webinar offers firsthand insights from one of the leading minds in tourism marketing.

This webinar covers:

  • Strategic insights on planning an effective marketing campaign.


  • Evaluating and measuring the ROI of your marketing campaigns.


  • Creative strategies beyond traditional marketing efforts.


  • Selecting the best channels to maximize your reach.


  • Initiatives that have increased Tampa Bay’s accessibility for all travelers. 

Get access to our on-demand webinar for valuable insights that can transform your approach to destination marketing. Whether you’re a marketing professional, involved in the tourism industry, or simply interested in the dynamics of destination promotion, this webinar is for you!