Maximizing Value: Introducing the 360 Value Index

Greetings, Threshold 360 enthusiasts! In our recent webinar on Maximizing Value, we delved into the possibilities offered by our platform while understanding that navigating these features can be overwhelming at times. To streamline your experience, we’ve introduced the Resource Center—a comprehensive hub for updates, product releases, blogs, and online training. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer, this ensures effortless navigation with video overviews and articles dedicated to each feature.

Explore the Resource Center here.

Now, let’s dive into the 360 Value Index, our response to customer feedback, and a way to measure the value each department can extract from our platform, providing a roadmap to maximizing benefits. Click below to review the Index in full.

From Sales and Marketing to Operations and Services, the 360 Value Index serves as your guide in unlocking the full potential of Threshold 360. Here’s a summary of both the index and the webinar hosted by our Customer Success team:



For your Sales team, the journey begins with integrating virtual tours into website listings. This provides prospects with a more immersive experience, enhancing their understanding of your offerings. Share Pages become valuable assets, seamlessly integrating rich content into social media posts, bid proposals, and third-party sites. Our customized maps showcase key venues and points of interest, offering a visual aid to presentations. Custom Share Pages add a personal touch, ideal for group bookings or floorplan PDFs. To make presentations even more compelling, you can integrate virtual tours and maps directly into sales decks


Your Marketing team can delve into their Threshold 360 Dashboard to add virtual tours to website listings and utilize embed codes to enrich a variety of web pages. Share Pages are a powerful tool, transporting social media users directly inside locations for a captivating online presence. Our new Hotspots within virtual tours emphasize accessibility features, providing crucial information to potential visitors. Custom Maps are created to accompany blog posts, enabling readers to visualize key destinations. In emails, hyperlinking Share Pages and Custom Maps adds a personalized touch, creating a more engaged user experience.

Operations & Service

For your Operations and Service team, the focus is on managing facilities efficiently. Virtual tours are used to capture catering and back-of-house spaces, streamlining coordination with event planners and staff. Embedding Virtual Tours on conference and events pages provides meeting planners with a direct look at venue spaces. Hotspots within virtual tours enhance communication by highlighting key details, such as ramps and signage. Custom Share Pages are tailored for floorplan PDFs, allowing easy navigation. Custom Maps offer a comprehensive view during site visits, showcasing the venue and surrounding points of interest.


In the world of Sports, you can showcase facilities effortlessly using virtual tours. Embedding tours directly onto facility web pages provides event planners with a detailed preview. Custom Share Pages with Calls to Action facilitate tournament proposals, offering easy access to important information. Integrating tours with platforms like PlayEasy and HuddleUp extends the reach of content. Hotspots within venue virtual tours strategically draw attention to important features. Custom Maps provide additional information for proposals, site visits, or tournament attendees.

Partner Benefits

For your partners, effective communication is key. Tracking partner capture progress ensures comprehensive coverage of important spaces. Partners are educated on Share Pages and Google uploads, empowering them to utilize content effectively. Quarterly analytics reports communicate progress, offering insights into the performance of their tours. Regularly refreshing virtual tour content keeps it up-to-date, especially after renovations or changes. Leveraging Threshold content for special upgrades or membership tiers positions virtual tours as a powerful resource.

By weaving these actions into a cohesive plan, all of your departments can unlock the full potential of Threshold Virtual Tours, enhancing their workflows and achieving their unique objectives. 

You can watch the full Maximizing Value with Threshold 360 here!