Unlocking Montgomery County: Showcasing Pennsylvania’s Timeless Gem

Nestled in the picturesque countryside just outside Philadelphia, Montgomery County is a testament to American history and natural beauty. Today, it offers visitors a unique blend of historic landmarks, sprawling parks, and vibrant communities. From exploring the hallowed grounds where George Washington and his troops endured hardships to hiking along scenic trails in Valley Forge National Historical Park, a rich tapestry of experiences awaits discovery. Valley Forge boasts modern amenities, including acclaimed dining options, cultural attractions, and recreational activities, making it an idyllic destination for history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and families alike. Join Rachel Dailey, Associate Director of Sports at Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board, as she discusses how they sell their destination and tournament facilities.

Utilizing Virtual Tours for Sales and Marketing

Virtual tours have become instrumental in our sales and marketing endeavors. During the bid process, individual tours are shared to highlight facility options, providing potential clients with an immersive glimpse into what Montgomery County offers. Moreover, these tours are strategically linked to the Valley Forge Tourism website and integrated into Playeasy profiles, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility.

The integration of Threshold 360 with Playeasy has significantly enhanced our marketing toolkit, offering a value that surpassed initial expectations. By providing a direct link to Playeasy profiles, the virtual tours captivate viewers and distinguish Valley Forge Tourism in a competitive market.

Empowering Sports Sales and Marketing

In sports tourism, decisions hinge on the ability to visualize facilities and surrounding amenities. We strive to be at the forefront of destination marketing by embracing innovative tools to showcase our offerings.  We’ve embraced virtual tours as a cornerstone of our sports sales and marketing strategy. Virtual tours in our tournament proposals and site visits offer a tangible experience that transcends traditional floor plans. These tours facilitate engagement and instill confidence in prospective clients, enabling them to envision their events in the Montgomery County landscape. 

The integration between Threshold 360 and Playeasy has further enhanced this approach. With this partnership, our virtual tours are seamlessly integrated into Playeasy.

Competitive Advantage and Engagement

While direct engagement metrics are challenging to quantify, virtual tours undoubtedly provide a competitive edge. By offering a visual narrative of the destination, Valley Forge Tourism enhances communication with tournament organizers and attendees, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust.

By integrating virtual tours and Playeasy profiles, we can seamlessly cross-promote our sports complexes, local businesses, and attractions. By leveraging the mapping feature on Threshold 360, Valley Forge highlights the interconnectedness of its facilities with surrounding amenities, painting a compelling picture of the destination’s allure.