The Power of Custom Maps Webinar Recap

Joined by Cody Wiseman from Visit Rapid City and Tiffany Eck from Visit Denver, the Threshold 360 team hosted a webinar showcasing how Threshold 360 Custom Maps transform how organizations interact with clients, from simplifying processes to enhancing engagement and accessibility.

Cody Wiseman, Creative Marketing Manager at Visit Rapid City, highlighted how Visit Rapid City’s utilization of Threshold 360 revolves around three primary focuses: leisure marketing, accessibility information, and meetings/conventions bid proposals and servicing. For leisure marketing, they heavily utilize listing hotspots to showcase attractions and amenities in the area. Accessibility information is also key, ensuring their tours cater to individuals with disabilities. Additionally, they leverage simplified tours that are easy to use and convenient for meeting planners, allowing them to update information as needed with many locations.

Tiffany Eck, Associate Director of Destination Services at Visit Denver, showcased how their use of the Custom Maps has grown since they first became a customer in 2019. They previously faced limitations with their previous map platform, Illustrator, which lacked online features and had complicated structures with too many layers. With Threshold 360 custom maps, Visit Denver can now provide hotel and venue maps through Virtual Denver, enhancing the planning process for visitors.

Tiffany highlighted that Visit Denver provides complimentary virtual tours as a partner benefit. This benefit includes the virtual tours being added to their partner listings pages and Google business profiles. Custom Maps are another way they can showcase their partners and use that to urge their partners to take advantage of the program.


Overall, both Visit Rapid City and Visit Denver have found value in Threshold 360’s Custom Maps for enhancing their marketing efforts, simplifying processes, and providing valuable information to their respective audiences. Here are several key takeaways from the webinar:


Integration with Sales and Marketing Tools: The platform seamlessly integrates with essential sales and marketing tools used by Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), such as CRM and bid/proposal tools, enhancing their functionality.

Ease of Creation and Heavy Usage: Creating Custom Maps is a quick process, taking as little as 5 minutes, according to Cody. They are heavily utilized, with Rapid City having over 50 maps and Visit Denver having hundreds.

Power for Accessible Travel: Threshold tours and maps are powerful tools for accessible travel, making it easier for individuals with disabilities to explore destinations virtually.

Enhanced Virtual Tours with Hotspots: The ability to enhance virtual tours with hotspots and additional information enriches the map experience for users, providing them with more comprehensive insights.

Dynamic and Easily Updated: Custom maps are dynamic and can be easily updated in real-time during client conversations, ensuring the information remains current and relevant.

Simplification of Processes: Cody mentioned that Threshold 360 helped simplify their processes, making creating and managing maps easier and more efficient.

Increased Usage for Small Meetings: Tiffany highlighted that with their previous mapping tool, they didn’t use it for smaller meetings due to the time it took. However, with Custom Maps, they can quickly create maps, enhancing their services for smaller meetings.

Evolution of Engagement: Tiffany noted that what was initially seen as a useful resource for virtual site tours during the pandemic has evolved into creating a more engaged experience with clients. The intuitive and easy-to-use nature of the Threshold platform has contributed to this evolution.