Three Best-in-Show Destination Marketing Campaigns

When we think about a solid destination marketing campaign, we envision one that inspires you to start planning right away, where you can see yourself there. It creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) that you can’t shake. 

At Threshold 360, we work with many top destinations to enhance their marketing strategies with 360 virtual tours. We’ve witnessed some pretty impressive campaigns and even more impressive results from destinations that nail their messaging, delivery, and presentation.

This piece highlights a few best-in-show marketing campaigns that caught our eye. In building this list, we considered the elements that make for a successful destination marketing campaign. 

Here’s what any great destination marketing campaign should accomplish: 

  • Increase brand awareness—A great campaign should help grow a destination’s name nationally and internationally. It should also be memorable so that it is top of mind to potential travelers when they make future travel plans.

  • Generate leads and drive sales —This is an obvious goal and the truest measure of success for any marketing campaign. While travel ads don’t exactly lead to someone booking immediately, these campaigns can be an opportunity to collect a traveler’s email address to share helpful resources to nurture their travel planning and ultimately book their trip.

  • Targeted—Every destination has a certain charm or qualities that really speak to one traveler vs. another. The best destination marketing campaigns really consider this to make sure they truly foster the FOMO we mentioned earlier from the right traveler.

  • Creative—If your destination marketing campaign is going to stand out it requires top-notch creativity in messaging and visuals. This includes stunning imagery, engaging video content, rich storytelling, and campaign-appropriate music. The right campaign sparks a desire to travel.

Three Examples of Effective Destination Marketing Campaigns & Strategies

So, with that, let’s jump into a few of our favorite campaigns in recent years. 

Visit San Antonio 

Visit San Antonio’s destination marketing campaign is a standout example of effective storytelling in tourism promotion. The campaign harnesses the power of narrative through a meticulously crafted video that invites potential visitors to explore the city’s rich history and vibrant culture.

Source: Real Stories. True Experiences. by VisitSanAntonio

The video captivates viewers by portraying San Antonio as a city that is “Real and True,” a phrase that encapsulates its authenticity and enduring charm. This message is further enriched by highlighting the city’s unique blend of flavors, cultures, and historical legacies, making it a one-of-a-kind destination that continues to write its story even after 300 years.

In addition to the compelling video, Visit San Antonio cleverly integrates practical resources on its website to convert interest into action. Including an e-commerce portal is particularly effective, allowing prospective travelers to easily pre-book tickets and reserve spots at the city’s most popular attractions. 


Source: Visit San Antonio Website

This feature not only enhances the user experience but also serves as a vital tool for driving leads by simplifying the planning process. 

Source: Visit San Antonio Website

Furthermore, the virtual visitor’s guide is a treasure trove of information, complete with stunning photographs, detailed descriptions, and useful tips about local attractions, events, and experiences. This comprehensive approach not only entices visitors with a promise of discovery but also equips them with everything they need to experience the best of San Antonio. 

Through these innovative strategies, Visit San Antonio’s campaign has successfully captured the city’s essence and sparked a desire among travelers to explore its unique offerings.


Discover Crystal River, Florida

Discover Crystal River Florida’s destination marketing campaign effectively positions the area as the “Manatee Capital of the World,” capitalizing on its unique offering where visitors can swim with and learn about these gentle giants.


Source: Discover Crystal River, Florida

This distinctive branding taps into the allure of nature and wildlife tourism, attracting eco-conscious travelers and adventure seekers alike. Their website enhances this appeal with vivid imagery of crystal blue waters and live riverside cams, offering a virtual window to the destination’s serene environment encouraging users to imagine themselves in the middle of this tranquil setting.

Source: Discover Crystal River Florida Live River Cam


The campaign is further bolstered by an engaging promotional video titled “Step Into Awesome,” which vividly showcases a day in the life at Crystal River. The video’s dynamic storytelling and stunning visuals invite viewers to experience the natural beauty and the laid-back lifestyle that Crystal River offers. 

Source: Step Into Awesome by Discover Crystal River, Florida


The website also features an innovative augmented reality (AR) experience, allowing visitors to have an immersive encounter with manatees from their homes. This use of AR technology not only captivates potential visitors with a unique interactive experience but also sets Crystal River apart as a forward-thinking destination in digital tourism. 


Through these strategies, Discover Crystal River’s marketing efforts resonate deeply with its target audience, making it a successful campaign that effectively promotes its unique attractions and experiences.


Meet Boston

Meet Boston’s destination marketing campaign is a dynamic blend of historical reverence and modern appeal, encapsulated in their engaging video, “Boston Never Gets Old.”

Source: Boston Never Gets Old by Meet Boston


This video artfully highlights Boston’s rich history since its founding in 1630. It showcases the city as an ideal destination across all four seasons and celebrates its unparalleled culinary and cultural experiences. The video effectively communicates the city’s timeless appeal, inviting visitors to explore its historic sites and vibrant contemporary scenes.

In addition to its rich content, Boston’s campaign stands out for its commitment to inclusivity, providing a comprehensive resource of accessible experiences. 

Source: Meet Boston


This online tool allows visitors to filter and search activities by keyword, ensuring everyone can enjoy what the city offers, regardless of physical ability. This initiative demonstrates Boston’s dedication to being a welcoming destination for all.

Moreover, the campaign cleverly utilizes user-generated content featuring real Bostonians sharing their favorite local spots. This strategy not only authenticates the visitor experience but also creates a personal touch, encouraging potential tourists to envision their own experiences.

Source: Meet Boston

Complementing this, their regular podcast adds another layer of engagement by featuring real stories from the city, capturing the essence of Boston in motion. Through these innovative approaches, Meet Boston’s campaign successfully melds the city’s historic charm with a vibrant, inclusive community spirit.

These three destinations are the perfect showcase of creativity and innovation that capture the attention of potential travelers and increase destination popularity. Any good destination marketing campaign has to narrow in on their target audience, craft a compelling story, and provide modern resources that make it a no-brainer for a traveler to visit.

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