Threshold 360 is on the Move

We are moving! While it wasn’t that long ago that we expanded our space in our current building, the sale of the building forced us to make a move – and we couldn’t be happier. We are excited to announce that we are moving our HQ into the Embarc Collective, a renowned innovation hub located in the heart of downtown Tampa Bay and only a few blocks away from our current location. As a long-time member of Embarc, the move will put us physically within Embarc Collective’s dynamic community. Embarc is also a customer of Threshold 360 and this success story from Evan Erickson at Embarc tells their story and also shows off the great space at Embarc. Not only does Embarc help tech startups grow, they also have 32,000 sq ft of amazing event space including classrooms, meeting rooms, and larger tech-enabled spaces perfect for company off-sites. Evan shares more about all the above in the video:

Evan Erickson, Events Manager for Embarc Collective, shares how Threshold 360’s Virtual Tours and custom maps help her company scale and attract tech talent to the Tampa Bay area.

Why are we excited about the move? Embarc Collective is well-known for its dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship by providing startups and technology-focused companies with a vibrant ecosystem of resources and support. As a long-time Embarc Collective member, Threshold 360 aims to accelerate its mission of revolutionizing the way people explore and engage with destinations and local businesses through immersive technologies. By physically being part of this thriving ecosystem, Threshold 360 will have access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and advisors who can offer valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration. Being “in the building” offers us a unique opportunity to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the tech and startup space.

As part of the move to Embarc Collective, Threshold 360 is already benefiting from the partnership in two significant ways. First, we are embarking (sorry about the pun) on an ambitious data project. Part of this project will be led by our engineering team, but we needed to find external help for other parts of the project. Through the relationship with Embarc, we’ve entered a project with Florida Polytechnic University that kicked off in early October.

We’re excited to work with the University and the group of students on the project so stay tuned.

Additionally, we are hosting our next regional user group meeting at Embarc and since they are a fantastic customer, Embarc is serving as the host customer and will kick off the meeting by sharing how they use Threshold 360 to book the amazing venues available at the Embarc Collective in downtown Tampa (check out the ReliaQuest Auditorium to see the exact space where our user group meeting will be held). We held the last one recently in Chicago and the feedback has been super positive.

Here is a group photo from that event as well as a Threshold 360 tour of the amazing event venue, the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

These regional user groups are an opportunity for us to spend time physically with our customers, share the product roadmap, provide training opportunities, and to network and learn from a group of sales and marketing pros from a variety of industries – and to have some fun together. Having this next one at the same location as our headquarters makes it special. We can’t wait to see everyone.

So look for more from us in our new headquarters soon, and if you’re interested in booking a great space for an upcoming event check out their virtual tour here and contact the Embarc events team.