Visit Rapid City: Unveiling the Charms Beyond the Hills

For this week’s #StepInside blog post, we’re joined by Cody Wiseman, Creative Marketing Manager at Visit Rapid City, as he shares some of the innovative ways that Visit Rapid City has sold its destination.


1. The Allure of Rapid City

Welcome to Rapid City, where the heart of the Black Hills beats with small-town warmth and big-city excitement. Visitors and meeting planners alike find their way to our charming city for a unique blend of experiences that make Rapid City a top destination. In this blog, we’ll dive into the reasons behind the influx of visitors, the tools powering our bookings, and the unexpected benefits of our virtual tour solution.

Rapid City’s appeal lies in its diversity. Nestled amidst stunning landscapes, our city boasts a small-town ambiance while offering big-city amenities. With 10 parks and monuments within an hour’s drive, outdoor enthusiasts find their haven here. Phenomenal restaurants, captivating attractions, and a range of outdoor activities within city limits add to the allure, making Rapid City an irresistible destination.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial


2. Driving Meetings and Bookings

Our team utilizes a range of tools to ensure a seamless experience for our visitors and meeting planners. From CRM systems and agency collaboration to email marketing and SendSites, we leverage technology to streamline bookings and meetings, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all. As an organization, we strive to create the smoothest experience possible for meeting planners, ensuring that choosing Rapid City is a no-brainer.

As an organization, we set ambitious goals aimed at boosting the local economy, which requires us to use cutting-edge technology. These goals led us to Threshold 360 as an ideal virtual tour solution to enhance our SendSites digital bid decks. Unlike our initial foray into video-based tours, Threshold 360 allows us to update and edit our tours regularly, keeping our promotional material fresh and relevant in the dynamic destination marketing space.

The introduction of virtual tours aligns perfectly with our objectives by providing an accurate representation of our city to meeting professionals, sports event planners, and potential visitors, offering a preview of the diverse experiences awaiting them.

3. Elevating Marketing and Sales Efforts

Virtual tours have become a cornerstone of our marketing and sales efforts. The tours, integrated into our convention bid proposals, provide a unique advantage. Offering clean maps of hotel properties alongside immersive virtual experiences, our tours become a compelling selling point, setting Rapid City apart from the competition.

The potential applications of virtual tours are vast, and we’re eager to explore them further. Plans include integrating tours more extensively into our website for interactive maps and featuring them prominently in our email marketing campaigns, ensuring our audience gets a glimpse of Rapid City’s charms wherever they are.

4. Unexpected Value from Threshold 360

While we anticipated the immersive experience, the unexpected value of Threshold 360 lies in its mapping feature. Beyond captivating visuals, the ability to provide clean and detailed maps in convention bid proposals has proven invaluable, adding an extra layer of convenience for our partners.

In conclusion, Rapid City continues to evolve as a destination, embracing technology to showcase our unique offerings. With virtual tours at the forefront of our marketing strategy, we invite you to explore Rapid City virtually and get ready to embark on an adventure that goes beyond the hills.

Start your virtual journey here and discover the wonders that await in Rapid City!