Venturing Outdoors: Location of the Week – Sandusky KOA Holiday (Sandusky, OH)

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In April of this year we captured our first Kampgrounds of America property in Nashville, TN. This would be the first of many KOA properties throughout the summer and fall of 2023 that our Creators would get a chance to visit and photograph. Because of the uniqueness of a new location type and the specific needs of KOA, we sent a member of our HQ team and a seasoned 360° photographer. As we crystalized a capture template for KOA properties, we began dispatching our certified Creators to capture imagery. Let’s see what our Ohio-based Creator, Susan Prentice, had to say about her visit to the Sandusky KOA Holiday location:

1. What was the most interesting space that you captured at the campground?

The most interesting space captured at this location was the Catch and Release pond, which all the kids love. I’ve been to many KOA’s and have not seen that feature prior to the Sandusky location.


2. What was the biggest challenge of the capture experience for you?

The biggest challenge was trying to capture the space with as few people in the shot as possible. There were a lot of folks all over the campground having a great time and they didn’t want to stop.

3. How long did the capture session take?

The capture session went a bit over 1.5 hours due to the many tours and large facility.

4. What about this KOA location stuck out to you compared to other properties you’ve captured?

I’ve lived in the area for many years and had never been to this KOA. What a hidden gem! The people were all so nice and welcoming- definitely made me want to return.


5. How was your experience working with the KOA team on-site?

The on-site team went above and beyond to help me capture their beautiful facility. Their care for their campers was evident.

6. Is there anything else that you would like to share about the experience?

It is a hidden gem in our city, one that I have and will continue to recommend to others. Fantastic location and lots of amenities for all.

Now that we have several KOA locations captured, it’s great to see them prominently displayed on their website and being used in promotional campaigns.

Explore the virtual tour for yourself!


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