Creator Spotlight: Britney Vasquez

South Padre Island, TX Creator.

Graphic Designer.

“Bringing South Padre Island to life through virtual tours and meeting new individuals with amazing stories, with Threshold 360 has been an amazing experience!”

Creator (n. a person or thing that brings something into existence). Hear us out, we want to allow you to virtually step inside of anywhere in the world. With a task like this, our Creators are the only ones we trust. In comes Britney Vasquez. She’s a Creator who does her work with excellence and impresses us at every turn. With a keen eye and creative spirit, Britney takes us on an immersive tour of South Padre Island, Texas. These coastal tours include local surf shops, waterfront bars, and dolphin watching cruises. Our favorite tour has to be the South Padre Island Adventure Park where one can ride horses on the beach – oh and also the ranch where a goat rammed Britney’s tripod and broke the camera, but we won’t talk about that.

It’s apparent that Britney has a passion to create, and she does so beautifully. As a recent graphic design graduate from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Britney clearly has a bright future ahead. Britney also studied and interned at Ogilvy in Shanghai, China, where she had the opportunity to create ads and digital assets for companies such as Shiseido. Make sure to check her work out below! Needless to say, we’re extremely thankful to have Britney on our team and are excited about the future. Just watch out for those goats, Britney!

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Other Work

Early on in Britney’s education, she thought law school was in her future, until a Photoshop class shifted her path and revealed where her true passions lie. Studying and interning at Ogilvy is no joke and she has a collection of spectacular work to show for it. Her Shiseido magazine ad that was created during her time at Ogilvy is a compelling piece, and her Rose Decay poster is one of our favorites. Take a look at both in her portfolio.


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