Creator Spotlight: Noah Rough

Cincinnati Creator

All Around Creative and Entrepreneur

“Having lived in Louisville all of my 24 years, I thought I knew my city fairly well, but being part of Threshold 360 and working alongside Louisville Tourism has allowed me to explore new locations I’ve never been to as well as network with so many friendly people along the way.”

Starting with us in August of 2020, Noah Rough has been a valued member of the Creator team. Continually introducing us to new music and delivering beautiful content for socials, Noah has fit right in.

Based in Louisville, KY, Noah has captured for multiple destinations including Louisville, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky. Being incredibly personable, he has left an amazing impression on the locations captured in each of these cities.

With a degree in Marketing and a minor in Film and Media Production from the University of Louisville, Noah has a unique perspective that has aided him in his work at Threshold.

Working as a photographer, videographer and a screenwriter, he has taken his experience and approached each project with Threshold from the perspective of a storyteller. This has helped him showcase the locations and cities that he is covering in a beautiful and in-depth way.

Other Work

Building community is proving to be another of Noah’s passions. One community that is quickly growing thanks to Noah is The Music Ark where all members share one love: music. This has become a space members can share and discover new music, and escape the world for a bit to focus on that one commonality.

With the next iteration of The Music Ark currently in the alpha testing phase, Noah and his business partner are aiming for an official release in May. For updates and information on this new venture, tune in to @themusicarkofficial on Instagram!

Be sure to also check out Noah’s beautiful portfolio of photography and videography work at his site below.

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