Creator Spotlight: Peri Gildersleeve

Traveling Creator


“My time at Threshold 360 has taken something that I’ve always loved, discovering and learning about different cities and cultures, and turned it into my dream job. I really love what I do”

When capturing for Threshold 360, there are templates to follow. However, there is room for creativity and with that, the opportunity to take the virtual tour to the next level. Peri Gildersleeve took this idea and ran with it. She ushers us 14,000 feet up in a WWII fighter jet to create this stomach-dropping tour of the Southern Heritage Air Foundation. This gives you a glimpse into who Peri is. Not afraid to push the limits, she has helped define the role and expectations set for Creators. Peri’s love for travel, experiencing new cultures, cuisines and people has influenced her work with Threshold 360. She takes you on in-depth tours of each new city she captures and gives you new perspectives that can only be accomplished through our immersive virtual tours.

Peri started with Threshold 2 years ago and she has worn many hats to aid in our growth. Moving into a Traveling Creator position, Peri has serviced partners in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, and Illinois, just to name a few. Her most current contributions include post production work for the imagery flowing in from Creators across North America, and we’re excited to see what the future holds. This is what you hope for in a team member – someone willing to get their hands dirty for the success of the company.


Other Work

Both in and outside of Threshold 360, Peri is a gifted photographer and storyteller. Peri studied at The Memphis College of Art where she received a BFA in Photography. Her photography is timeless and informative, giving you a comprehensive look into the stories and cultures of her subjects. Ranging from food to photo-journalism, Peri tells a story with each image. This is a skill that comes from a love for people and their cultures.


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